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Colorado could balance budget with a less regressive tax code

A new report by United for a Fair Economy shows how Colorado's fiscal problems could be fixed by flipping its regressive tax system.

Republicans line up to testify in favor of doomed tax-hike moratorium

Republicans lined up to testify Wednesay in the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on a declaration the Senate would never officially declare. SR 11-04 called for the Senate to put its foot down and state for the record that it would not raise taxes during the legislative session. Democrats all voted no and the bill died.

Bull semen breeds Democratic outrage

House Democrats expressed discontent today with what they called Republican irresponsibility in passing a bill that reinstates tax breaks for bull semen, among other agricultural products.

Helping business by cutting taxes? Not so fast, some governors say

As the Colorado Legislature struggles not only with writing a budget but even with agreeing how much money is available to budget with, Governor John Hickenlooper prepares to deliver his own budget vision this week.
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