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Your weekly roundup of Colorado news and media, March 1

  Last Monday there was something missing from Colorado’s largest daily newspaper: For the first time in memory, no house editorial appeared in the pages of...

Your weekly roundup of Colorado local news and media, Jan. 5

USA Today's Denver correspondent, who covered several mass shootings, decided to buy his first handgun This first-person account from Trevor Hughes*, certainly started a conversation on...

Starkman’s List: Analyst counts the ways business-journalism fails

The Columbia Journalism Review posted "The List" this week, a catalog of 727 stories published in the top business press outlets during the run-up to the financial crisis. "Power Problem," an analysis of The List by CJR Editor Dean Starkman, is due to post next week. In compiling The List, the CJR staff looked to determine if in fact business writers had provided adequate warning to the public before the bad-loan business toppled global finance. They searched stories from 2000 to 2007. The answer: Sorry, no. The top business writers in the country failed to adequately survey the field and see the looming disaster.