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Tancredo would be ‘happy to register as a Republican’

In an email sent to supporters Friday, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, who recently lost a third-party bid for governor, proposed a series of meetings...

Post and (believe it or not) a talk-radio show had most...

Before the memory of the primary elections slips behind us (yes, I know it’s been unforgettable, but still), I wanted to point out the...

Worker, pro-choice groups sound warnings on Maes-Williams ticket

Advocates for labor and reproductive rights voiced objections to the Dan Maes-Tambor Williams Republican ticket to head the state, arguing that the duo would...

Rosen says McInnis, Churchill not comparable, others disagree

It seems like an age has gone by since the Denver media, gamely led by the bygone Rocky Mountain News, was in full-bore media...

Colorado Stealth University

Over the past few years, the Colorado State University Board of Governors has become increasingly secretive. During the spring of 2009, the BOG's stealth...

Why have we stopped talking about guns?

You know by now that in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, an elderly white supremacist and anti-Semite named James W. von Brunn allegedly walked into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with a .22-caliber rifle and killed a security guard before being brought down himself. He's 88 years old, with a long record of hatred and paranoid fantasies about the Illuminati and a Global Zionist state. How bitter the bile that has curdled for so many decades.

David Brooks: Why reform health care if we’re all doomed?

New York Times columnist David Brooks Friday outlines the cultural revolution the country will have to undergo in order to survive. It's not upbeat. It's not very hopeful. It's a little like something cranky grampa would be muttering to himself under a blanket on the porch. First: No more buying; only saving. Second: Politicians must make themselves unpopular, partly by not reforming health care because there's just no way to pay for it, dagnammit.

The business of higher education: Extracting profit impoverishes purpose

In recent years, colleges and universities have encountered increasing pressure to operate like businesses. As the logic goes, businesses must survive in a cutthroat climate of unfettered competition and, thus, their organizations need to be leaner, more efficient and more responsive to the needs of their customers than not-for-profit organizations, such as colleges and universities.

Health care reform endangered by liberal circular firing squad

The risk of long-delayed health insurance reform collapsing under its own weight could come from an unlikely faction — the political Left. That sinking reality was in full voice Wednesday at a Denver town hall forum featuring Howard Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chairman, ex-Vermont governor and a physician.

Coal, electric industries big winners in climate-bill deal

WASHINGTON — Even as Democrats in the U.S. House are celebrating their deal with conservative-leaning colleagues on climate change legislation, the real winners under the compromise have been the coal, electric and auto industries, which are largely the source of the nation’s carbon emissions.
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