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Elbert County taxpayers foot big bill for government corruption

Corruption in Elbert County is starting to cost taxpayers there a lot of money -- all over a $1,000 fine that a commissioner refuses...

Gold, silver mining plan makes Ouray County commissioners nervous

Ouray County commissioners are wary of a plan to conduct exploratory gold and silver drilling in one of the most scenic areas of Colorado...

State regulators dismiss frack-fluid ID-tagging proposal

Environmental activists are calling on Colorado officials to require oil and gas companies to chemically tag the fluids used in hydraulic fracturing, an increasingly controversial natural gas drilling process. Many suspect that "fracking" may be contaminating ground water and chemical tags would make it possible for regulators to identify the source of any contamination. The idea is a hot topic among those favoring increased federal oversight of the process, but industry officials won’t even discuss the idea, and state regulators say it’s barely on their radar screens.

NYT water-pollution series faults feds as FRAC Act debate rages in...

Some of the startling numbers in a New York Times series on water pollution that kicked off Saturday raise the question of why Colorado...
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