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Colo. Obamacare launch on track with Mass. Romneycare launch

Obamacare in Colorado is outpacing Romneycare in Massachusetts when you compare 2013 early enrollment numbers here to 2007 early enrollment numbers there.

Gardner health insurance cancelation letter fails to answer questions

The letter has been redacted and so will do little to answer the main questions raised by Gardner's account of events: What kind of plan do you have now and why would it cost double the rate to buy "inferior" coverage, as you have asserted?

Gardner’s insurer: He can go on the exchange, get a Bronze...

The chief marketer for Rocky Mountain Health Plans said policy-holder Congressman Cory Gardner can choose from a "ton" of different plans offered by the company on the state's "Obamacare" exchange and that he'd find a comparable plan.

‘Uninsurables’ look forward to Obamacare exchanges

DENVER -- Vicki Tosher, now 61, knows a lot about cancer. She has survived two kinds of breast cancer and she was a University of Colorado researcher in cancer prevention. She lost her job in 2009, and 18 months later, she lost her health insurance.
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