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Q&A: Klingenschmitt’s 72 hours of prayer, fasting and being ‘called of...

Colorado Springs Republican Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt's televangelist alter ego Dr. Chaps has made headlines for blending politics and scripture, most notably suggesting that President Obama is possessed by demons...

Littwin: Never mind secession, we got sheriffs

Welcome to Colorado, where (some) gun laws are not laws at all. Really.

Vail official questions constitutionality of ban on marijuana dispensaries

VAIL – Vail Town Council member Margaret Rogers, an attorney, told the Colorado Independent Monday she doesn’t expect a new Colorado law allowing local governments to ban medical marijuana dispensaries to survive legal challenges.

Controversial Schultheis public schools religion bill ends in a whimper

DENVER-- A controversial bill that sought to expand space for religion in Colorado's public schools failed to make it out of committee Monday. Even before the hearing began, the bill's sponsor, Christian conservative state Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, seemed to have accepted the fact that his "Public School Religious Bill of Rights" would very likely fail to pass and so offered amendments that significantly weakened its provisions. In the end, so little was left of the bill that the majority Democratic committee members said it simply offered no new provisions on the matter. In the end, the four Democrats voted against the bill and the three Republicans voted for it.

Dueling GOP views on health reform constitutionality

Nowhere in the Constitution is Congress empowered to require Americans to buy health insurance, Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) charged today. “I am seriously concerned that...

Constitutional Crisis Trumps Legislative Battles

The Colorado constitution is a self-defeating mess. So some of the most critical government work performed in the state in 2008 will not be done...

Will Campaign For Food (with poll)

For the majority of third party candidates in Colorado seeking federal offices this election cycle making a rhetorical point about taking the money out...