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Court to hear arguments about whether TABOR is constitutional

Lawyers on Thursday will argue their case before a federal judge about why they believe Colorado's voter-initiated Taxpayer's Bill of Rights amendment to the state Constitution is,...

Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform law

Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the left members of the court to rule that the individual mandate at the heart of the historic Affordable Care Act is constitutional. The complicated opinion is being parsed by analysts at SCOTUS blog, but it seems clear the entire controversial Affordable Care Act has been upheld, granting an enormous victory for President Obama and for the already millions of Americans benefiting from the law.

Westminster highway drug stop legal and unconstitutional (updated)

BOULDER-- Westminster police conducted a five-and-a-half hour drug stop on I-36 Wednesday night, stopping and searching vehicles for narcotics, which isn't technically constitutional, attorneys say, although the police don't seem to have violated any laws.

NYT: Legal precedent on side of health care legislation

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers joined a lawsuit yesterday targeting Federal health reform legislation on constitutional grounds. The argument against the legislation that passed...

Colorado’s Suthers to join A.G.s challenging health reform bill

Colorado's Attorney General John Suthers is joining roughly a dozen other attorneys general across the country who plan to challenge the constitutionality of the...
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