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News Poem: ‘Valley of the Cranes’

The MCA café has quite a view across the Central Platte Valley bridges, arching like white, wispy bones of cranes repairing connections time has broken, bringing people back forsaken land gorged by this century’s vision of city.

Sen. Kopp relishes FASTER’s slow start in funding crumbling bridge repair

In an e-Alert Thursday from coloradosenatenews.com -- a blast from the Republican state Senate minority -- Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, gushed about the lack...

Rifle Booms Under Record Housing Starts, Construction Projects

Go anywhere in Rifle within a three-mile radius of downtown and you'll find a construction project in progress. Because of the oil and gas...

Western Slope Round-Up: Playing with Marbles

It's so hot over here, we have counted our marbles; we have won our marbles; and we have lost our marbles. Read more below. Oh,...

Loss of Immigrant Workers May Increase Building Costs

Serious road construction and home building season is around the corner in Colorado and contractors, like Mark Gould in Glenwood Springs, are concerned about...
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