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Six Internet hygiene tips after 18 million hit by Chinese hackers

The Chinese government hacked federal employees' personal and security clearance information as part of a counterespionage campaign earlier this month. The Office of Personnel Management network was...

Payday loan policy and the art of legislative compromise

DENVER -- De Jimenez is a single mother of three. She works in medical records and one of her children is in college. She...

House protects against flood-damaged car sales; Senate battles over pipelines, paint...

Notes from another busy day under your 100 percent gold Colorado Capitol dome. It's Thursday, the 27th day of February, 2014 and all politics is (still) local.

Colorado senators rally round fracking-awareness home-buyer protection bill

The Senate on Friday unanimously passed a bill that would include a warning in home-purchase contracts notifying buyers whether gas drillers might have access to the property.

Questions linger on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau leadership

This morning, President Barack Obama plans to officially announce that Elizabeth Warren — Harvard Law professor and the current head of the Congressional Oversight Panel over the Troubled Asset Relief Program — will head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.... sort of.

Suthers campaign cash hangs over payday loan hearing

Attorney General John Suthers is not writing the new rules that will govern the payday loan industry in Colorado. That's why he is playing down the $10,000 in campaign donations he has received from the industry, saying the cash won't influence the final contours of the new state regulations. The person writing the rules, Laura Udis, has worked in the attorney general's department of consumer protection for more than two decades. She told the Colorado Independent that Suthers has so far not been involved in her work on the path-breaking payday legislation that was passed in the spring and that she expects Suthers to remain uninvolved.

Obama’s financial sector regulation overhaul comes up short

President Barack Obama rolled out his plan to overhaul financial regulation last week. While much of the Obama plan relies on the same regulators and structures that led to the current meltdown, there is one key exception. The establishment of an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency would give ordinary citizens a seat at the financial policy table for the first time and prevent the abuses in credit card and mortgage lending that have wreaked havoc on households all over the country.
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