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Wiretap: Hobby Lobby tea leaves; Obamacare’s millions

The high court turns around swing-Justice Kennedy. So the question is whether Kennedy thinks the Hobby Lobby case is about birth control or abortion.

Wiretap: Hobby Lobby goes to Washington

It's the biggest case of the year, as the Supreme Court hears arguments about Hobby Lobby's attempt to use a religious exemption to avoid including birth control in its health plans.

Colorado sex ed, then and now

Okay, it wasn't exactly a scene from Mean Girls, but I'm a living, breathing, and as-yet-unimpregnated product of a Colorado "abstinence-centered" sex education.

Obama wins contraception battle

This past Friday, a judge ruled in favor of the Obama administration in a legal challenge filed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops over the religious group’s loss of federal funding.

Bill would allow employers to avoid covering anything they object to

The United States Senate today will vote on the Blunt Amendment, which makes the whole contraceptives controversy look like Sunday school.

Pro-Choice DeGette launches ‘Women’s Health Wednesday’ in Congress

In response to the slew of anti-abortion bills introduced on Capitol Hill this year, Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette has launched "Women's Health Wednesday," where beginning today House members will deliver rapid-fire one-minute speeches exploring the issue on the floor of the chamber.

Obama unveils contraception compromise

The White House Friday announced a compromise for religious groups lambasting a recent mandate requiring health insurers to cover contraception as a preventive service. The federal government will now be extending an exemption of the mandate to religious organizations — including faith-based hospitals.

Buck wrong when he says media found Bennet ad untrue

The Denver Post Wednesday references an exchange between U.S. Senate candidates Ken Buck and Michael Bennet over a Bennet TV ad showing Buck making...

Buck, Bennet split on personhood’s impacts on contraception

Republican U.S Senate candidate Ken Buck's campaign says the Weld County DA supports birth control if it does not stop the implantation of a zygote in the uterine wall, while incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet's campaign this week said the senator believes in choice.

Proposed hospital buyout could limit reproductive, end-of-life care

The contentious transfer of two Colorado-based Exempla hospitals to a Catholic health care network is likely to further shrink comprehensive health care services for Denver-area patients because they violate church doctrine. Local patients seeking reproductive health care or termination of invasive life support could soon face health care professionals invoking conscience clauses, should the transfer of Exempla Lutheran Hospital in Wheat Ridge and Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette to the Kansas-based Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System be approved.
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