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Lawmakers Work to Reverse Contraception Cost Surge

College students have seen the cost of birth control at their schools' health clinics skyrocket this year. Now, two Democratic Colorado lawmakers have signed...

Creative Condom Give-Aways Foil Pregnancy, Disease & Shame

They're certainly festive and blowing up fruit-flavored, multi-colored condoms probably tastes a lot better than the standard powder-coated latex balloons sold as party favors...

Colorado: The Rockies’ Ugly Step-Child of Contraception Access

It's not often that Colorado is considered a less progressive state than its wild and woolley neighbor to the north, Wyoming. On the matter...

Colorado Ranks Low in Contraception Access

Trotting out the pejorative "Colobama" to describe Colorado's poor ranking on some quality of life yardstick generally evokes snickers of derision until one realizes...
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