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Former Iraq security contractors say firm bought black market weapons

Last spring, the U.S. diplomatic mission in Iraq got a makeover,replacing the scandal-plagued Blackwater private security company with a firm named Triple Canopy. The new $1 billion contract cemented Triple Canopy's status as the pre-eminent provider of private security services in Iraq, with its heavily armed employees appearing side by side with senior State Department diplomats. But the company's rise to prominence followed a long, often chaotic route, marked by questionable weapons deals, government bungling and a criminal investigation that was ultimately closed without charges being filed, according to newly released investigative files.

Abortion Foes Taunt Denver Businessman with Gruesome ‘Truth Truck’

He is a subcontractor working on the new headquarters of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. He and his family are besieged by anti-abortion...
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