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More Colorado news outlets got Facebook money. Here’s what it means...

Nearly half a million dollars in Facebook money plunked down on six Colorado news outlets this week, part of a multi-million-dollar cash infusion the...

How COVID-era Colorado newspapers asking for money say they’ll spend it...

The family-owned Grand Junction Daily Sentinel on the Western Slope is the latest Colorado newspaper to ask its readers to give it money beyond paying for a...

#Coleg Notebook: Dr. Chaps gets results; hello budget

Dr. Chaps gets results  Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt has been all over the headlines (and the subject of Mike Littwin's most recent column), for saying that the feticide...

Obama Admin to yank state’s $3 million immigrant detention subsidy

Colorado is set to lose approximately $3 million in federal funds that are used to cover the costs of detaining undocumented immigrants in the state, according to current budget documents released this month.

New media, new opportunities through the eyes of a young journalist

In the five years since I first became a reporter, I have worked for two established print weeklies, both of which have gone out of business. Most recently, I was working for an award-winning online news site financially supported by a nonprofit organization, before nearly two-thirds of the staff were abruptly laid off after the election. For young reporters like me, the Internet is the primary medium for news content, and it is already leading to a new and inclusive form of journalism rooted in public participation. Although cynics like to say that the craft is a dead end for both young reporters and veteran writers alike, I think it’s an exciting time to be a journalist.

Inmate assaults visitors at federal prison

Two visitors were assaulted by an inmate at a federal prison in Florence on Sunday, adding to a dramatic surge in violent attacks that have plagued the prison since April.

Staffing new prison a ‘daunting task’ in faltering economy

While Colorado has begun construction on a new 320-bed super maximum security prison, public officials are still wondering how it will be staffed adequately under a sluggish economy and a statewide hiring freeze.

More reports of violence point to ailing federal prison system

Deadly assaults in federal penitentiaries are on the rise and they aren't exclusive to Colorado. Following reports that an inmate was stabbed to death in August at the U.S. Penitentiary in the southern city of Florence, there is news from another federal lockup that a guard was assaulted and stabbed multiple times this month, lending credence to correctional workers' claims that the entire system is an understaffed tinderbox.

Prison riot revelations spark calls for transparency

The federal government needs to be more transparent in providing local communities with information about the violent incidents that occur in Colorado prisons. That's the message from public officials reacting to recent news that a prison in the state has been on lockdown status since August, just months after a violent yard riot in April left two inmates dead.

Warden gets national award months after deadly Colorado prison riot

Three months after a deadly Florence penitentiary yard riot that left two inmates dead, prison warden Sara Revell was given an annual Excellence in Prison Management award by the the federal Bureau of Prisons. The discovery comes after it was reported by The Colorado Independent on Thursday that the same high-security penitentiary has been on lockdown since early August due to a violent inmate-on-inmate assault.
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