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Early Bird Special: Coyote hunt on ice, Littleton family ‘Shanghaied’ in...

Here's our daily roundup of some of our favorite news from around Colorado. • There will be no coyote hunting inside the Colorado Springs city limits, The Gazette reports. The city council "put a bullet between the eyes" of a proposal to issue permits to shoot the critters, citing more pressing concerns for the town government. Officials received an unusually high number of calls -- most in opposition -- about the plan, which would have restricted coyote season to certain times of day and required completion of a hunter safety course.

Science Sunday: Hareless in Wyoming

Jackrabbits vanish without a trace from America's premier national park.If you put together a list of the wildlife you'd hope to spot on a...

Science Sunday: Iapetus’ Mountains, Wolves v. Coyotes, Prostate Relief

Distant mountains Himalayas of Iapetus The Cassini mission to Saturn has come within a thousand miles of the surface of the planet's third largest moon, Iapetus,...
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