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Littwin: To understand Trump’s NFL feud, you have to know that...

For those keeping score at home, Donald Trump is winning. I know. He just got killed on the latest Obamacare-repeal attempt. And he looks like...

Littwin: Tremble Republicans: Anti-Islam Trump is still soaring

The polls are in, and now we know for sure that Donald Trump didn't go too far when calling for a moratorium on all...

Wiretap: Culture wars: When one battle ends, another flares up

One step forward For those Democrats suddenly convinced the culture wars are over, Heather Digby Parton writes, they're not. They'll never be over. If one...

Wiretap: In the culture wars, women still losing

The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision is just the latest example of how women's rights are being abridged. It's not only women who are losing, though. Republicans are losing, too.

McCain’s latest reckless move: Piss off the press

The John McCain campaign has gone to great lengths to sever its previously friendly (some might say overly-friendly) relations with the press since the surprise announcement Aug. 29 that virtually-unknown Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would be his running mate. To conservatives, the ensuing media firestorm serves as an all-too-convenient dogwhistle to callre-ignite its culture war troops to battlearms against the so-called liberal media thus lowering expectations for the gaffe-prone McCain and the untested Palin.
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