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Hayes: Denver impound law opponents pushing ‘illegal alien agenda’

DENVER-- Members of the city council here are considering eliminating a controversial vehicle impound law that has raised financial and constitutional questions. Dan Hayes, the main backer of the law, which passed as a ballot initiative in 2008, told the Colorado Independent that council members opposing the law are merely protecting laws that make Denver a so-called sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Boyles champions impound initiative with dose of misinformation

On KHOW talk radio Tuesday, Peter Boyles promoted the Denver "Impound Initiative" by speculating incorrectly that the city council intentionally mangled the initiative language...

State Rep. Judd asks constituents to vote no on impound initiative

Colorado State Rep. Joel Judd, D-Denver, has come out in opposition to Denver Ballot Initiative 300, the so-called impound initiative. He criticized the proposed...

Vehicle-impound initiatives test Colorado ballot system

In the debate surrounding Colorado's famously loose ballot initiative system, the so-called impound initiatives introduced repeatedly in local municipalities over the past three years might serve as a test case. This year, they have been introduced in Denver and two of its suburbs, Aurora and Lakewood. The proposed laws would require police to seize the vehicles of every unlicensed driver they stop. But the initiatives aren't primarily about keeping the roads safe and the man behind them doesn't live in Denver, Aurora or Lakewood. As many know by now, the man behind the initiatives is Daniel Hayes. He lives in unincorporated Jefferson County and his initiatives are a weapon in his personal battle against illegal immigrants.
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