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No apologies: Limbaugh fantasizes a socialist Barry Obama at Columbia

Rush Limbaugh fell for a blog post Friday that quoted from a ridiculous fake ten-page excerpt of a "thesis" alleged to have been written...

Rather calls on Obama to form White House commission on public...

Iconic former CBS anchorman Dan Rather in Aspen called on President Obama to bail out the news industry by forming a special White House...

The convention gospel according to Lehrer and Rather

A lot has changed since the tumultuous conventions of 1968. Maverick journalists Dan Rather and Jim Lehrer lament the old days when political conventions were spontaneous and less immune to corporate influence. Both are searching for substance behind the spectacle.

Traditional media needs a spine, Dan Rather says

In a scathing rebuke of America’s mainstream media, former CBS anchor Dan Rather bemoaned the state of political coverage Tuesday afternoon, in the midst of this week's Democratic National Convention.
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