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Penry plays Palin card, calls pledge story a ‘left-wing blog’ fiction

Did he sign it? Did he doodle on it? Did he go along with it only as a gimmick? What did The Penry Pledge...

Penry already breaking campaign pledges, says former State Senate opponent

When Democrat Dana Baker got Republican Josh Penry to sign a pledge in 2006 to serve out a full four-year term if elected, the "idea behind that was no one would be seeking another office or other work or other endeavors during that time, that we intended to serve out the term of that office." While Penry, now State Senate minority leader, isn't resigning, he's running for governor.

Greener Pastures in SD7

The Democratic candidate for Senate District 7, Dana Barker, was relieved to hear that his Green Party opponent decided to withdraw his candidacy. Eric...