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Homebrew: D.A.R.E. got fooled: Nine people didn’t die from pot edibles

Pot shot D.A.R.E. got duped by anti-pot satire. The anti-drug crusaders printed in their newsletter that nine people died in Colorado from eating edibles. You'd...

Wiretap: When to lift sanctions on Iran

Shaking hands "Madam Secretary" and the real Iran deal: Getting to compliance by June 30 will be the really hard stuff. The hardest part may...

Gazette: D.A.R.E. is for drugs, cookies are for munching

What do Boulder and Colorado Springs have in common? Among other things, there’s Wayne Laugesen, a former libertarian columnist at the Boulder Weekly who some time ago took up post as the editorial page editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette. And, as Laugesen in the past applauded eliminating the law enforcement-sponsored D.A.R.E. in Boulder, he’s now promoting abolishing the anti-drug education program in tax-strapped El Paso County, where the sheriff is looking to save $1 million a year.
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