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Thunderdome 2015: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners vs. everyone

“Thunderdome 2015” is The Colorado Independent's wrap-up series on the 2015 legislative season. For a series overview, check out “Thunderdome 2015: 120 days under the...

Gun-rights advocate Dave Kopel shoots criticism at Dudley Brown of Rocky...

When it comes to passing gun control in Colorado, gun rights advocates seem to be imploding on the issue. Check out today’s edition of...

Independence Institute on Obamacare: It’s not about the Commerce Clause

The Independence Institute, a Denver-based free-market think tank that has lead the charge in Colorado against the Affordable Care Act, has filed what it is calling two "potentially game changing" briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court. The court this week is hearing arguments on the constitutionality of the two-year-old law.

Colorado gun-rights bills shot down in Senate committee

Election-year gun-rights debate visited the capitol again Monday when the Senate Veteran and Military Affairs Committee considered two bills aimed at firming up citizen rights to use guns at the workplace for defense and in times of state-declared emergencies. After two hours or so of testimony, the bills were killed on party-line votes in the Democrat-controlled committee.