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Schultheis to Polis on Arizona law: Give the people what they...

Anti-illegal immigration firebrand and state senator Dave Schultheis blogged on Arizona SB 1070 over the Memorial Day weekend, delivering a partisan stinger that was...

Bold bipartisan bill will rework Colorado higher ed funding

DENVER-- The Higher Education Flexibility Act passed the Senate last week and is scheduled to make it to the House Monday. It's a bold bill that would rearrange the relationship between public universities and the government. It would mean greater autonomy for university administrations which, for example, would be free to levy tuition hikes under 9 percent per year. Current higher education funding in low-tax recession-wracked Colorado has become unsustainable. The new bill seeks to buffer universities against a likely $300 million funding cut next year.

In high country, worry over economic backlash from McInnis immigration stance

Mexican tourism and immigration have long been powerful economic drivers in the resort counties former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis used to represent in Congress. Now some Western Slope residents are worried gubernatorial candidate McInnis will destroy that dynamic.

Budget passes Colorado Senate; Republicans cry ‘socialism’

DENVER-- Republican lawmakers furious with the $18.2 billion budget presented Friday in the senate here said the proposal failed to limit government spending and that it amounted to another move toward socialism. Exasperated Democrats argued that the budget cut millions of dollars from programs, including vital education and medical programs in the state.

The Tancredo the Twitter knows

Twitter has opened whole new windows into the lives and personalities of our Colorado public citizens. State Sen. Greg Brophy, an avid and playful...

Schultheis revels in the company of god-fearing Tea Party masses

At the Tea Party Express rally in Denver Wednesday, Conservative Colorado Springs state Sen. Dave Schultheis was feeling good. "These are the people I...

Schultheis proposal to count state’s illegal-immigrant students rejected

Senate Democrats Monday quashed a proposal that would have required Colorado schools to count undocumented immigrant students and report the number to the government....

Colorado Tea Partiers rally in capitol chambers and on the steps

DENVER--Members of Colorado Tea Party and 912 groups and the libertarian think tank Independence Institute attended a "grassroots session" and rally sponsored by Americans For Prosperity at the Capitol Wednesday. The activists met with GOP lawmakers for a strategy session in the Old Senate chambers and then gathered on the capitol steps. The rally lured a familiar group of Republican lawmakers, led this time by Yuma state Rep. Cory Gardner, who is also running to represent the Fourth Congressional district in Washington.

Schultheis bill to criminalize fetus killing fails to advance

DENVER-- Colorado Springs Christian conservative state Senator Dave Schultheis failed in his bid to redefine fetus-killing First Degree murder Wednesday. His bill, which detractors saw as a back-door attempt to work an anti-abortion "personhood" law onto the books, failed to pass out of committee.

Fiscal hawk Schultheis: Cut preschools, pay lawmakers

Colorado Springs self-described fiscal hawk Sen. Dave Schultheis voted yesterday not to cut lawmaker pay. He says he knows some of these public...
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