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Wiretap: We’re no-vote bombing, which is just fine with election-year Congress

We don't know what the plan, what the risks are or what the costs might be. But, hey, we'll think about that after November.

Wiretap: David Brooks’s choom gang

David Brooks smoked weed as a kid. He says he and his friends outgrew it. But since Colorado has made it legal, Colorado kids won't give it up and then low-level doom, basically.

Wiretap: Eight bucks an hour

Twenty years, give or take, in the fast-food business, and Shonda Roberts, who now works as a cashier for KFC, makes 8 bucks an hour. Why would she strike for higher wages?

VIDEO: Senator Michael Bennet joins Rep. Paul Ryan on CNBC debt...

What do Michael Bennet and Paul Ryan have in common? Both participated Tuesday in a conference hosted by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget entitled “The Debt Ceiling, Fiscal Plans, and Market Jitters: Where Do We Go from Here?”

Schools out: David Brooks laments Tea Party anti-intellectualism

New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks notes a trend in politics over the last year: The voting public is moving not just to...

David Brooks, on deadline, produces paper-thin wing-nut theory

Obama is single-handedly destroying U.S. management culture by creating a "revolution in values" that will replace the steady, detail-obsessed, "dull" CEOs that have made...
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