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Wiretap: How is Trump handling all the latest bad news? He’s...

How is Donald Trump reacting to the leaks, the setbacks, the accusations, the newspapers, the cable news shows? How do you think? The Washington Post...

Elizabeth Warren, Colorado and a golden retriever

  Elizabeth Warren is coming to Colorado Friday to campaign -- and raise money - for Mark Udall. Liberals love her, and Colorado Republicans have...

Wiretap: Sebelius drops the mic

The nation's Health Secretary is the fall person for the disastrous Obamacare rollout -- but not before the exchanges hit their goal. So what's her legacy, exactly?

Letterman drubs McCain over last-minute cancellation

John McCain's campaign suspension got off to a rocky start Wednesday when David Letterman caught the Arizona senator in a lie after McCain cancelled a scheduled appearance on the Late Show claiming he had to jump on an airplane to save the economy. About halfway through the show, Letterman's producers noticed a live feed from fellow CBS personality Katie Couric starting an interview with the presidential candidate down the block.

Obama on Letterman: “It might be fun to try” putting lipstick...

In an appearance on the CBS Late Show with David Letterman airing Wednesday night, Barack Obama joked about the phrase that has dominated the news all day amid charges of sexism, deceit, feigned outrage and Rovian campaign tactics. “It’s a common expression in at least Illinois,” Obama said in the interview taped Wednesday afternon. “I don’t know about New York City, I don’t know what you guys put lipstick on here.”
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