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Legislators, other officeholders sue to overturn ‘unconstitutional’ TABOR

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) has been part of life in Colorado since 1992. Today TABOR was tested in court for the first time in Kerr v State of Colorado. Today's hearing--on a motion by the state to dismiss the suit--may be the end, or it may be the first step in a long hard road.

Former CU Regent calls David Skaggs the clear choice for CSU...

Sen. Wayne Allard has floated his name out there. State Rep. Bernie Buescher says he’d do it. Perennial college presidential favorite Hank Brown has been mentioned. And now former Republican CU Regent Jim Martin is promoting the man he thinks is the obvious choice to lead Colorado State University: former congressman and current executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education David Skaggs.

CSU works to turn being green into profit

It's trendy being green these days, and Colorado State University isn't missing a beat. Since taking the helm in 2003, President Larry Penley has worked to re-brand CSU as a green beacon in an increasingly crowded field of renewable energy research. Hoping a green reputation will lead to increased R&D funding at CSU and more stable financial footing, Penley has incorporated an aggressive public relations campaign, increased political lobbying and a beefed-up marketing effort — including full-page advertisements in TIME magazine and on television stations nationwide.

Reaction on CSU funding shifts range from dismay to dismissive

Lawmakers and state officials reacted with a range of surprise, support, dismay and a call for greater accountability in response to The Colorado Independent's findings that, in the five years that Larry Penley has been at the helm of Colorado State University, he has poured money into the administrative and athletics departments, and shifted millions of dollars away from academics and the library system.
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