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The DEA’s decision on marijuana doesn’t mean what you think it...

The DEA’s announcement last Thursday that it doesn’t plan to change marijuana’s status as a Schedule I drug left plenty of Coloradans surprised and...

Medical marijuana community up in arms over Roach comments

Declaring that marijuana has no known medical value, The DEA's new regional chief Barbra Roach has also let it be known that she would find a place to live that does not allow medical marijuana businesses. It is not surprising that in Colorado, where voters have approved medical marijuana, some find her comments to be more than a little offensive.

Pro-marijuana Montana legislator investigated by DEA

In a case that has implications for Colorado and other medical marijuana states, Montana legislator Diane Sands has come under investigation by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, but she doesn't know why. She suspects the investigation is related to her advocacy of liberalized marijuana laws.

Polis, Suthers spar on impacts of marijuana legalization in Colorado, Mexico

Congressman Jared Polis and drug-policy reform advocate Ethan Nadelmann argued Wednesday night in Vail that one of the most compelling reasons to legalize marijuana in the United States is to eliminate a major funding source for deadly Mexican drug cartels. Both Colorado Attorney General John Suthers and recently retired DEA agent Anthony Coulson sharply disagreed.

Obama medical marijuana policy moves from benign tolerance to vague menace

Would you like some irony with that baggie of medical marijuana? Well, like it or not, you're getting some. Medical marijuana has been legal for a decade or so in various U.S. states but it wasn't until the Ogden memo of 2009 that it really took off. Today, another memo from the same agency has marijuana providers and regulators looking over their shoulders.

U.S. rules marijuana has no medical use

A few days after the Drug Enforcement Administration ruled that marijuana has no medicinal use, and a month or so after a prestigious international commission concluded the drug war was a colossal failure, The Denver Post documented the ongoing drug war with a story about Mexican tour bus operators busted for bringing tens of millions of dollars of pot to Denver. That same day, July 11, Time Magazine led its weekly print issue with this quote, "The carnage will end only when drugs are legalized."

Montana medical marijuana raid raises huge questions with national implications

When federal agents led a raid on medical marijuana businesses in Montana last week, questions were raised as to whether these businesses were raided because they were suspected of selling out of the proverbial back door to people without medical marijuana permits--or whether they were raided simply for being medical marijuana businesses.

New Mexico border town mayor, police chief arrested on drug and...

The mayor, the police chief and a city councilman in the small New Mexico border town of Columbus were arrested on drug trafficking and firearm charges Thursday.

DEA to burn Bartko’s bud

What happened to the 224 luscious weed plants that Highlands Ranch pot farmer Chris Bartkowicz lavished money and attention on and that landed him...

Validity of Bartkowicz pot bust to undergo first review

Colorado's medical marijuana chronicles went federal this weekend when the state's top drug cop, DEA special agent Jeff Sweetin, seemed to directly defy the Attorney General and the Obama administration by raiding a Highlands Ranch home a day after owner Chris Bartkowicz spoke to KUSA-TV 9News about his major basement marijuana grow operation. Bartkowicz showed 9News his medical-marijuana license and the documentation for the people to whom he serves as a caregiver. He said he was "living the dream." Sweetin and his agents were apparently embarrassed.
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