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Wiretap: A million more on the Obamacare rolls

What does it mean? For Democrats, Obamacare has to work. For Republicans, it has to fail. All arguments have to be seen in that light.

Coffman looking forward to next debt-ceiling standoff

A day after Congress headed off default and ended a standoff that cost the nation billions, Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman said it was wrong to oppose debt-ceiling negotiations and that he's looking forward to the next round in January.

It could all be over soon, until the next time

The crisis is nearly over - unless it isn't -- so it is time to ask ourselves what has been learned. My guess: Not much.

Lamborn, Colorado’s ‘suicide caucus’ member, determined to battle over debt ceiling

Lamborn said he's prepared to battle over the nation's debt ceiling and that he aims to expand debate beyond funding for Obamacare to try and win sweeping budget reforms.

TeaParty Leader Erickson: Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner a ‘Weasel’

Erick Erickson has made a name for himself and gained significant influence among conservative thought leaders and elected officials by speaking his mind with the kind of muscular frankness that has come to characterize the TeaParty political movement in general. Erickson has shaped debate on Capitol Hill, endorsed local and national candidates and launched successful fundraising campaigns to great effect.

Religious leaders differ on impact of debt deal

The debt ceiling agreement approved early this week by Congress, rejected by an array of U.S. religious leaders, also prompted a response from religious groups that do not support “big government.”

Lamborn, DeGette defend debt-ceiling votes as Senate rejects House measure

The U.S. House late today narrowly passed a debt-ceiling bill without a single Democratic vote, only to see the Senate quickly turn around and reject the Republican plan. Colorado’s House delegation split along party lines, with the four Republicans voting in favor of the modified House Speaker John Boehner plan and all three Democrats rejecting it. The House vote was 218-210. The Senate rejected the bill 59-41.

On radio, TV, Colorado Reps. Lamborn, Polis sound off on both...

Want to see (and hear) how truly far apart Democrats and Republicans are on the ongoing debt-ceiling, default-crisis debate? Look no further than Colorado’s own congressional delegation. Republican Doug Lamborn shared his views on KRDO radio Wednesday night, and Democrat Jared Polis will appear tonight on Fox Business Network’s Stossel Show with John Stossel.

Debt ceiling standoff, Next Media Animation version

Next Media Animation has given the debt ceiling debate in Washington its signature treatment. The choppy digital short has Uncle Sam shopping and handing over his credit card to a giant Chinese panda register clerk wearing a People's Republic happy proletariat cap. Turns out Next Media writers don't know that the ironic U.S. "liberal" media only covers topics excessively that it does not take seriously. That's why the debt ceiling posturing is this year's biggest political story and that's why the Tea Party was last year's biggest story. So Next Media can't be blamed for inserting this in the video voice-over: "Most Americans agree with Republicans that the debt ceiling should not be raised." Holy biased animated media! Where's the polling on that assertion, Hong Kong?

Bennet on Weekend Edition: Raise the debt ceiling

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, appearing on NPR's Weekend Edition, said that while agrees that the federal government has to cut spending, it also has to raise the debt ceiling to avoid defaulting on its loans.
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