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PPP’s Jensen says poll methods in Colorado vindicated by past success

Public Policy Polling this week released survey results that showed likely 2012 voters in Colorado mostly held congressional Republicans to blame for the unpopular debt deal reached in Washington and that they so far strongly preferred President Obama to any likely Republican rival. Critics of the survey howled that left-leaning PPP had skewed the results by oversampling Democratic voters in the state. Yes, PPP surveyed more Democrats than it did either Republicans or Independents, all pretty much registered to vote in equal numbers in the state, Director Tom Jensen told the Colorado Independent, and that apparent oversampling is driven not by pollster ideological bias but by the self-selecting pattern established by Colorado citizens polled-- and, he said, that's why PPP numbers have been proven highly reliable over the last two elections.

Religious leaders differ on impact of debt deal

The debt ceiling agreement approved early this week by Congress, rejected by an array of U.S. religious leaders, also prompted a response from religious groups that do not support “big government.”
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