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Coffman looking forward to next debt-ceiling standoff

A day after Congress headed off default and ended a standoff that cost the nation billions, Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman said it was wrong to oppose debt-ceiling negotiations and that he's looking forward to the next round in January.

Wiretap: Sound and fury and billions of dollars

The shutdown/default drama is finally at an end. And it ended just the way everyone figured it would.

Our final lesson: Chaos is the new normal

The budget crisis may be a huge loss for Republicans, but the suicide caucus didn't lose. A government shutdown, a default cliff-dance, dysfunction. What they wanted was chaos, and chaos is what they got.

It could all be over soon, until the next time

The crisis is nearly over - unless it isn't -- so it is time to ask ourselves what has been learned. My guess: Not much.

Wiretap: Nation’s bills piling up untouched on Boehner’s desk

Whatever happens on Capitol Hill to default or to avoid default, Charlie Cook says Congressional leaders of yore would be ashamed. Of course they would. Isn't everyone?
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