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Littwin: Mr. Attorney General, the gay marriage ship has sailed

In case you missed it, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Yes, it's big news, but it's not exactly groundbreaking news. Not any more. Maybe not ever again.

Ginsburg trolls Scalia: After Hobby Lobby, beware a flood of corporate...

Ginsburg warned that the sweeping logic of the Hobby Lobby opinion will open the door for corporations to suddenly find all kinds of rules and regulations religiously offensive. Sound familiar?

Colorado bill would allow gay couples to file joint federal tax...

Steadman said the bill is a logical and practical response to the repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act this summer.

House committee uses Regnerus parenting study to defend DOMA

A Republican-controlled congressional body this week used a controversial new parenting study to argue that the Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional.

Disputed parenting study introduced in court case challenging DOMA

Just one day after the results of a controversial parenting study were released to the public, the research was used – and misrepresented – in a federal court brief defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Fed court ruling in DOMA case a victory for states’ rights

A unanimous federal appeals court ruling issued in Boston today found the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional in that it discriminates against same-sex couples. The ruling is a victory for the Obama administration and supporters of both gay rights and states' rights and a blow for the national anti-gay marriage movement and for Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, who filed a controversial and critics say confused amicus brief in the case last year in support of the embattled federal law.

Udall joins growing list of lawmakers in support of marriage equality

Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall at a gay-rights event this weekend in Denver said he supports marriage equality for all Americans. Udall joins a growing list of lawmakers who have gone on record in support of ending the era where the federal Defense of Marriage Act and where constitutional bans like Colorado's Amendment 43 blocked LGBT couples from the legal protections and advantages provided by the state through marriage. Udall is the 18th sitting U.S. Senator to state publicly that he supports efforts to make gay marriage legal.

Obama announces support of bill to end DOMA

The White House announced this week that President Barack Obama was throwing his support behind legislation which would effectively kill the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

VIDEO: Franken grills Focus on the Family head during DOMA repeal...

At a hearing on the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, Sen. Al Franken took issue with the testimony of Tom Minnery, the head of Focus on the Family’s political arm, CitizenLink. After Minnery cited a government study he said showed that the children of married gay and lesbian couples fared worse than married opposite-sex couples, Franken flatly stated that Minnery was wrong and called into question any further testimony from Minnery.

Justice Department ratchets up gay rights defense with anti-DOMA Golinski brief

The battle between the Obama Administration and House Republicans over the Defense of Marriage Act (which has come to include GOP state attorneys general like Colorado's John Suthers) took an historic turn last week. Responding to a filing brought by lawyers on behalf of House Republicans and led by conservative legal eagle Paul Clement, the Department of Justice clearly sought to bury a stake deep into the heart of the the act, delivering an expansive brief outlining for the first time the federal government's role in singling out gay and lesbian Americans for discrimination (pdf). Chris Geidner, writing legal analysis at MetroWeekly's progay PoliGlot blog, called the brief a "must read" and "instantly historic" and "the single-most persuasive legal argument ever advanced by the United States government in support of equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people."
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