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Littwin: DNC Day Four – The acceptance speech The Donald basically...

Now that it's over, now that Hillary Clinton has met her historic moment, it turns out the Democratic strategy for the week was blindingly...

The life of the party: Scenes from the DNC

  The Democratic Party National Convention in Philadelphia began Monday with Bernie Sanders delegates — angered by the release of hacked emails confirming the national...

Colorado’s DNC delegates: Inside the Sanders revolution in Philly

  It was around dinner time at the Democratic National Convention in Philly. The party was in the process of nominating Hillary Clinton, its first female standard-bearer...

Littwin: DNC Day 2 – Billary, the love letter

To begin with, let's agree that Bill Clinton did not give the speech of his life. For once, he gave the speech of Hillary's life....

Littwin: Day One DNC— How, 8 years later, FLOTUS brought the...

  You might have been too distracted by how well crafted Michelle Obama's game-saving speech was on Day One of the Democratic convention to have...

DNC flashback: Kennedy proclaims ‘a season of hope’ in surprise speech

A year to the day before Sen. Edward Kennedy died, the ailing liberal lion made a surprise appearance at the Democratic National Convention's opening...

Companies that sought bailout poured cash into Dem, GOP conventions

Troubled financial services companies took advantage of campaign finance laws that allowed unlimited donations to the summer's Democratic and Republican national conventions to pump millions of dollars into political coffers just weeks before securing billions in federal bailout money, according to a joint analysis published Wednesday by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) and the Campaign Finance Institute (CFI).

Behind-the-scenes DNC video captures more innocent time

Step back in time to the distant past of late August. Barely six and a half weeks ago, the Democratic National Convention had just concluded on an historic high note, the polls were tied, and we'd never heard of Troopergate, aerial wolf killing, John McCain was running an honorable campaign and the economy hadn't yet locked up.

Denver police ‘Beat the Crowds’ T-shirt no laughing matter, protesters charge

Protest groups are demanding Denver police halt the sale and disicpline anyone responsible for the creation of a "commemorative" DNC T-shirt distributed to officers featuring a baseball-bat wielding cop and the slogan "WE GET UP EARLY to BEAT the Crowds 2008 DNC."

Sushi with Freddie Mac, happy hour with realtors

A timely dispatch from our friends at PartyTime.org.
If you haven’t been under a rock lately, you know that the Bush Administration is proposing a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street. What you might not know is that there have been 258 parties this year alone for members of the House Financial Services Committee — the very folks who are making crucial decisions about this legislation — a number of them hosted by lobbyists for the finance, insurance, and real estate industries.
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