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Follow up: Out-of-state soldiers worked Dem convention

Soldiers from as far away as Georgia were stationed in Denver during the Democratic National Convention according to new information released by military officials.

Denver city government gushes over DNC police force

In the wake of the Democratic National Convention, Denver's elected officials have kvelled over the massive police presence at the DNC. Last week, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper delivered laurels to the city's police department for their efforts to quell some protest activities.

DNC protest groups to sue city of Denver, police officers

Re-create 68 protesters and other activists plan to file suit against the city of Denver and the Denver police department for violating their constitutional rights during the Democratic National Convention.

Conventions highlight gaps in ethics laws

It was one of the chief vows of the Democratic Party as it took control of both congressional chambers in 2007: to sever the cozy relationships between lobbyists and lawmakers brought to light by the Jack Abramoff scandals.

Colorado’s monster ballot longest in the nation

With a record 18 proposals on everything from oil and gas taxes to unions to the developmentally disabled to gambling, Colorado voters will be weighing in on the longest ballot in Colorado since 1912 — and the largest in the United States this year.

Women take harder hit in weakening job market

As unemployment numbers rise, women and minorities are disproportionally affected, according to a review of August unemployment numbers by a number of think tanks.

McCain beats Obama — in the ratings

John McCain's speech Thursday night drew 500,000 more viewers than Barack Obama's record-setting speech a week earlier, Nielsen Media Research reports. More than 38.9 million watched McCain accept the Republican nomination for president on eight networks, according to preliminary television ratings.

Verizon: Cell traffic through the roof at DNC

Can you hear me now ... hello? ... you're breaking up Verizon Wireless reports cell phone traffic increased by almost 10 million calls and transmissions on its network around the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week. The phone company bolstered capacity near the Pepsi Center with three additional cell towers and even put a mobile "Cell on Wheels" on the streets.

Court docs: Suicide mission planned in plot to kill Obama at...

Denver's 9NEWS reports the FBI asked for more serious charges to be filed against at least one of the suspects arrested last week in a suspected plot to kill Barack Obama during the Democratic National Convention. Federal court documents obtained by reporter Jace Larson describe a plot to assassinate Obama in a suicide mission using a gun hidden inside a camera.

The convention gospel according to Lehrer and Rather

A lot has changed since the tumultuous conventions of 1968. Maverick journalists Dan Rather and Jim Lehrer lament the old days when political conventions were spontaneous and less immune to corporate influence. Both are searching for substance behind the spectacle.
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