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More feds working state ‘fusion’ centers for conventions

The Department of Homeland Security is providing a boost to local intelligence operations during political conventions, sending in federal reinforcements to state “fusion” centers for on site support and communications with department headquarters in Washington D.C.

DNC protests fall flat

Late last year I had the horror of watching Chicago 10 at the Denver Film Festival. The movie combines animated sequences with archival footage of the 1968 riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and it scared the hell out of me — especially with this year’s most outspoken protest group calling themselves “Recreate ’68.” But then … not a whole lot happened here Denver last week. What gives?

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Polls show post-DNC bounce fueling Obama lead

A Gallup daily tracking poll released Tuesday shows Democrat Barack Obama topping 50 percent support for the first time, adding to a lead that has been growing since his speech Thursday accepting the nomination at Denver's Invesco Field. Other polls tracking the presidential race over the weekend tally an Obama lead over John McCain by as many as 9 points, up from a virtual dead heat as the Democratic National Convention began last week.

Congratulations Colorado

The doubters said we couldn’t do it. That our fair city, our “cowtown,” would be overrun. In 1908 restaurants ran out of food on the first day, having no idea what hosting the Democratic National Convention required. But 100 years later I’d say Denver more than made up for our past follies by hosting a truly magnificent convention.

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Latino activists at DNC renew call for immigration reform

On May Day in 2006, a human mass of white shirts stretched along downtown Denver's Speer Boulevard in one of the largest mobilizations in the city's history. An estimated 75,000 people boycotted work and school to march and protest against federal legislation that would have further criminalized undocumented immigrants in the Untied States. Millions of others rallied in more than 25 cities.

DNC Roundup: Corporate money, politics, protests, plots and more

As Denver sweeps up the last of the confetti, The Colorado Independent rewinds its coverage on the Democratic National Convention.

One in four households watched Obama speech

Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver Thursday night drew a record number of television viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. More than 38 million — one in four households — watched the hour-long speech on 10 networks, nearly twice the number that watched John Kerry's 2004 acceptance speech.

DNC images from INVESCO

An estimated 84,000 people witnessed Sen. Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech and the ensuing festivities at the final evening of the Democratic National Convention.

Federal immigration police lend hand with DNC security

While more than 60 local, national and military law enforcement agencies are helping out with security surrounding the Democratic National Convention, there's one federal agency that may not be expected: Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama

Miss that video that introduced Barack Obama to 84,000 spectators and tens of millions of viewers? Helmed by Davis Guggenheim, who won an Academy Award for producing An Inconvenient Truth, which he also directed, the 10-minute film chronicles Obama's story from his ancestors to his dreams for the future.
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