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Obama’s conversation with America

It was his direct conversation with America. His chance to outline the choice voters face in this election and an opportunity to show the differences between “four more years of the same” and the change he has promised throughout his campaign. It was an introduction to Barack Obama.

Obama regains his balance

Up until Thursday night it had been a crowded week for the Democratic National Convention. There were too many delegates and reporters jammed into the too-small Pepsi Center. The conversations of the faithful were crowded with anxieties about slipping poll numbers, soft messaging, elusive unity, and the omnipresent Clintons. Memories of disastrous Augusts (John Kerry in 2004, Al Gore in 2000 and Michael Dukakis in 1988) pinched the party’s imagination.

Tonight those hemmed-in feelings dispersed into the breezes of mammoth Invesco Field where an adoring throng of 70,000 cheered Barack Obama as he accepted his party nomination with a speech -- none too lofty and none too soft -- that reinfused his historic campaign with sense of history and horizon that had seemed lacking in recent weeks.

INVESCO dispatches: Obama liveblog

Here we go...

McCain to Obama: “Job well done”

In an ad set to air Thursday night during coverage of Barack Obama's acceptance speech, John McCain congratulates the Illinois senator and notes this "historic day," a reference to the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

INVESCO dispatches: The headliners are up

Al Gore gets a raucous reception from the 75,000 strong at INVESCO. More on the flipside. 6:49 p.m.: Gore slams McCain on environment and green economy Where...

UPDATED: Obama speech leaked: Will ‘fix broken policies’

Filing a dispatch for newspapers with very early deadlines, the AP reports that Barack Obama delivered a "historic" speech, three hours before Obama is scheduled to speak, relying on excerpts released Thursday afternoon.

McCain stickers on Denver police vehicles? No they can’t

It's against official Denver Police Department policy, but a blogger and a DNC visitor noticed DPD vehicles sporting McCain bumperstickers this week and complained. In one case, police appear to have scraped off the stickers; in the other, the department's internal affairs has initiated an investigation because of a motorcycle cop's intimidating reaction.

INVESCO dispatches: Opening acts

The Yonder Mountain String Band, always a favorite in Nederland, took the stage about 30 minutes ago to a quarter-full stadium. It's a bit of chaos down there at INVESCO but at least they've got good music to groove to. More insider info inside...

A journey to the DNC floor

As the Democratic National Convention is played on television each night, Americans don't get to see what some of the behind the scenes action looks like. That is why The Colorado Independent decided to take readers on a short journey from outside the Pepsi Center to the floor of the DNC.

Immigrant rights march kicks off downtown

Approximately 400 people marched in support of immigrant rights this morning in a “Somos Americanos” event, where members of Denver's immigrant and Latino communities demanded an end to federal raids.
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