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Who exactly voted down that single-payer resolution?

News outlets across Colorado Monday published a four-sentence AP story reporting that "Colorado lawmakers" rejected a resolution urging Congress to pass a single-payer health...

Protesters: ‘Yes We Can!’ close the School of the Americas

A year ago the notion that the School of the Americas would be closed down was a stretch, even for peace activists who have long been trying to shutter what they view is a training ground for Latin American assassins and human rights violators. But as the annual November protests outside the Fort Benning, Ga. headquarters swell to 20,000 this week, activists have reason for hope: Barack Obama is the president-elect. Closer to home in Colorado, Democrat Dennis Apuan, a longtime peace activist from Colorado Springs, was just elected to the state legislature — further signaling seismic social shifts.

El Paso County sends three donkeys to the Capitol

The final word is in: Newcomer Dennis Apuan has edged out Catherine “Kit” Roupe in Colorado’s House District 17, making him the third member of a Democratic delegation from El Paso County — and marking the first time since the 1970s that the Republican stronghold has sent three donkeys to the golden dome.
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