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Denver, other Colorado districts closing all schools to slow spread of...

More than two dozen Colorado school districts that collectively serve more than two-thirds of the state’s students announced Thursday that they would close for...

Money talks: Getting a green card may come down to what...

You would need a pretty good ear to guess where Gregor Mieder is from. Perhaps 15 years in the United States has smoothed the...

Denver Drug Court Second Chance: From Addict to Magistrate

Alby Zweig knows what it’s like to need a heroin fix so badly you’re willing to pawn your parents’ stereo to score it. He gets what it means to be so strung out on cocaine you’re convinced police are hiding under your house.

Weld County Vote Against Emergency Contraception Leaves Patients Looking Elsewhere

A controversial and unreported move by the Board of Weld County Commissioners to stop dispensing emergency contraception has forced low-income county health department patients to seek the drugs at the scant number of non-profit clinics in the area.

Colorado nets $22 million in federal health care grants

Today Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced $21,928,181 in grants awarded to community health centers in Colorado. The grants were funded by the Affordable Care Act.

Man charged with spitting while HIV positive was denied meds in...

HIV positive William O'Kelly was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree assault with a deadly weapon because he allegedly spit on another man in a dispute. Yet when he was taken into custody, authorities held him for 24 hours without providing him access to his medications, partly because they couldn't confirm he was HIV positive even though, in effect, he was arrested only because he was HIV positive.
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