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Denver Post business reporters missing the story of their lives

Should the Denver Post begin to list and sink, you can bet the story will not be broken by the business reporters at the Denver Post. In the wake of the death of the rival Rocky Mountain News and as part of the narrative of a larger struggling industry, the business management of the Post is a major story but one Post business reporters seem less than interested in covering. They should be interested. If they start covering that story, and covering it hard, the Post executives might be forced into the kind of action now that could save the paper later.

Denver News Agency whacks 200 jobs from business unit

The fallout from the Feb. 28 closing of the Rocky Mountain News continues with a Friday afternoon "memory hole" announcement by the Denver News Agency that it will layoff 200 people over the coming weeks. The job cuts represent more than 17 percent of the DNA workforce payroll, according to an AP story appearing at Forbes.com.
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