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Early Bird Special: Denver on top for homebuyers, Safeway workers say...

Jacko. Farrah. Farrah. Jacko. The '70s and the '80s, RIP. Oh, and by the way, here’s our daily roundup of some of the rest of today's news. • Denver is the best place in the country to buy a home, according to a Forbes study reported by The Denver Business Journal. It all comes down to Denver's strong "fundamentals," the report says, citing an increase in prices paid per square foot this year and less of a drop in transactions than other cities over the last year. “Denver scores very well in terms of being able to bring people into a stable housing market,” an economist said, pointing to great "growth potential." Cities following Denver on the list: Phoenix, Boston, San Diego and Los Angeles. Detroit was in the worst shape of 25 cities analyzed. Read the whole Forbes report here.
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