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Homebrew: Sheriff’s deputies suspended for incompetence

Bad job Three sheriff’s deputies at the Denver jail have been suspended “with two of them erroneously releasing a prisoner, and the third missing the...

Will Hancock’s reform strategy fix Denver’s broken sheriff’s department?

Mayor Michael Hancock is responding to a scathing report about the city’s dysfunctional sheriff's department by relying on the same people responsible for years...

Excessive-force trial throws spotlight on notorious Denver jail

For more than four years, Denver’s official story on Marvin Booker has been that he died of natural causes, coincidentally while under a pile of deputies who had handcuffed, nunchucked, choked and Tasered him.

Charge dropped against sheriff’s captain who is ex-wife of Denver’s Sheriff

Also: Sheriff's Chief Frank Gale is put on leave as police probe alleged preferential treatment in city jail.

Chief of Denver’s jail under investigation for special treatment afforded criminally...

It’s unclear who was making decisions to treat Gillespie differently than the thousands of other arrestees the sheriff department deals with annually.

Denver Sheriff’s Department talks ‘matrix,’ but we need justice

The city’s position is that its hands are tied by the “matrix” – the legal framework used to mete out discipline in misconduct cases. The punishment for committing this Jim Crow-type brutality was a 30-day suspension.

Black pastors denounce Denver Sheriff’s Department for ‘Jim Crow-like behavior’

Outraged by misconduct in the Denver Sheriff’s Department, a coalition of African-American pastors is demanding that Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration implement reform.

Unaware: Sheriffs ‘unknowingly’ assigned rogue deputy to train colleagues

DENVER -- After suspending a deputy for slamming an inmate into a window and misleading investigators about the attack, the Denver Sheriff's Department assigned him to train other officers on how to handle volatile situations and how to write official reports about use-of-force incidents.

Report: Grievances overlooked in Denver jails

Denver’s sheriffs department is ignoring incidents of staff misconduct, according to a report written by the official tasked with watchdogging the city’s safety agencies.

Female Chief Plans County’s DNC Protest Response, 1200+ Arrests Anticipated

Marie Kielar was sworn in as the Denver Sheriff's Department's first female division chief in March, and she already has a lot on her...
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