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This church is offering sanctuary to immigrants in one of America’s...

A national movement of clergy in the Trump-era offering their churches as safe harbors for immigrants has taken hold in Colorado's second largest city—...

Littwin: The great American roundup

So now it's official. We can make America great for Americans again. The new rules for ridding our shores of undocumented immigrants are in...

Obama pushes ahead on immigration reform: A Wiretap roundup

Outlets around the country are considering what the president's plan might look like, what precedent it relies upon and, of course, what the political fallout might be as Republicans react with blind rage.

Cantor loss spotlights sticky immigration politics shaping Coffman-Romanoff race

The candidates have blasted each other as hypocritical, untrustworthy agents of reform. It's a charge that may be particularly damning for congressional candidates this year.

Hungry for immigration reform

Immigration-policy-reform organizer Rudy Lopez, and local faith, labor and business leaders see an opening with Colo. Rep. Mike Coffman. They may well be disappointed.

The deportations will continue until morale improves

We’ve all heard the refrain that “the immigration system is broken.” Everyone agrees. It’s the one thing Tom Tancredo and I can agree on.

Swing-state Latinos rally to Obama after immigration announcement

Latino voters have responded with enthusiasm to President Obama's decision Friday to limit deportation proceedings against and extend green card eligibility to roughly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants. But the head of a conservative Latino group in Colorado cautioned that the administration's track record on immigration demands at best only a cautious optimism.

Obama sends criminal immigrants packing

States rush to pass their own immigration laws while Congress watches, seemingly more amused than concerned. Meanwhile, quietly, the Obama administration is sending undocumented immigrants who break the law packing.
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