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Supreme Court ruling on “public charge” rule could affect thousands of...

Colorado immigration advocates decried a Monday Supreme Court ruling that allows the Trump administration to broaden income and public benefits tests for legal immigrants. The...

Vital undocumented workers victims of wage theft, shifting laws

Jacinta Gonzalez, an organizer with the Congress of Day Laborers in New Orleans, tells a story about the abuse of workers rebuilding the city after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. She once met a man who went to his employer’s house to demand payment for his labor on a construction site after the employer stiffed him of his dues. The man’s boss came at him, swinging a hammer. The worker immediately called the police.

DeMint would add border-fence provision to finance regulation bill

The South Carolina Republican announced today that he’s hoping to amend the finance reform bill working its way (slowly) across the Senate floor with...

New DHS picks raise hopes for immigration reform

President Obama announced today that he plans to nominate John Morton to be assistant secretary of homeland security for immigration and customs enforcement (ICE). Morton is a longtime Justice Department official and current acting deputy assistant attorney general of the criminal division. Esther Olavarria, a Senior Fellow and Director of Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress, is Obama's pick for deputy assistant secretary of homeland security for policy. Olavarria, in particular, signals a major change for DHS.

“Caught Red-Handed” Protestors Get Pink Slips

President Bush is alleged to have angrily described the Constitution as "just a goddamned piece of paper!" Evidentally, someone in the Federal Building in...
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