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Dick Wadhams calls it quits

Declaring that he would have won, but just didn't want to put up with all the second-guessing and back-stabbing, Colorado GOP Chair Dick Wadhams today told Fox 31 he is not running for another term.

Udall says we should consider radical changes to campaign finance laws

In a wide-ranging interview, Senator Mark Udall discusses America's wars, campaign finance reform, earmarks, and who he plans to sit with at the State of the Union speech.

Wadhams pleads case for reelection as Colorado GOP chairman

Dick Wadhams announced Tuesday that he will run for a third term as Colorado Republican Party chairman. The news comes as little surprise to watchers of the proud party boss, but Wadhams will surely face strong opposition among Republicans who view this past election year as a mostly missed opportunity to regain control in purple state Colorado.

Pat Waak will not seek another term as Dem Chair

Colorado Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak on Friday announced she would not seek a fourth term as party chair. A new chair will be elected in March.

Hotline: Wadhams backing Anuzis in RNC chairman race

In the race to elect the next Republican National Committee Chairman, Colorado GOP leader Dick Wadhams has reportedly thrown his support behind Saul Anuzis, who was state party chairman in Michigan from 2005 to 2009. Gimlet-eyed observers might call the endorsement sympathetic: Anuzis struggled with losses similar to those presided over by Wadhams in the last three years. Under Anuzis' leadership, Michigan Republicans lost two Congressional seats and their majority in the state House.

In lengthy Statesman interview, Wadhams fends off critics, weighs future

The Colorado Statesman this week published a massive interview with Colorado GOP Chair Dick Wadhams. The reading is good but, for the most part,...

Tancredo and Curry: forever linked in destruction of two-party system?

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams is plenty worried about the precedent set by former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo’s high profile gubernatorial run as...

Ken Buck discusses coordinated sliming by the left

Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck says he was slimed by last-minute ads that distorted who he is. Unlike Colorado Republican Chair Dick Wadhams, he said...

Talking point: The Tea Party is not about abortion

In a Q&A hosted by the Washington Post last week, Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks-- the multimillion dollar Dick Armey advocacy group that fueled...

Wadhams: Bennet played dirty

Colorado Republican Chair Dick Wadhams doesn't always send us his memos, so we had to go to unusual lengths to dig this up--namely to...
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