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Gardner looks to end flood-relief politics with shiny-happy press release

  A feel-good press release from the Cory Gardner for Senate campaign follows days of nastygrams from both the Gardner and Sen. Mark Udall campaigns...

HUD directs cash, rebuilding aid to Colorado fire victims

In the last 24 hours, Coloradans have gained a more clear picture of the kind of aid the Obama administration and federal authorities will offer to help address the wildfires raging in the state and aid displaced residents.

Feds open up disaster relief loans to drought-stricken southwest Colorado

U.S. Colorado Senator Mark Udall today lauded the federal Small Business Administration for taking action to bolster businesses in the drought-stricken southwest region of the state. The office opened up low-interest disaster-relief loan program to ten Colorado counties. It's not just the agricultural sector that is struggling, Udall pointed out in a release, but also the tourism industry and businesses tied to farming, like seed producers and farm-machinery mechanics.