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Denver drops charges against DNC protester shoved to ground by police

The Denver city attorney's office dropped criminal charges Wednesday morning against a Code Pink demonstrator who was videotaped being slammed to the ground by a baton-wielding Denver Police officer during a protest at the Democratic National Convention, The Denver Post's Howard Pankratz reports. Alicia Forrest, a 22-year-old Arizona resident, faced charges of interfering with police and could have been sentenced to a year in jail, her defense attorney said.

VIDEO Recreate68: ‘The truce is broken. All bets are off.’

Anti-gay protesters provoked Recreate 68 and Code Pink demonstrators at a Civic Center Park permitted anti-war event Tuesday resulting in two arrests. Mark Cohen of Recreate 68 told The Colorado Independent: "We're not negotiating with the police anymore. The truce is broken. All bets are off." Read more DNC protest coverage:About 100 arrested after standoff; police spray activists, bystanders, mediaVIDEO: Police trap peaceful protesters in Denver

Video depicts Code Pink protester shoved to ground, investigation launched

A video by the Rocky Mountain News that depicts police officer shoving a Code Pink activist to the ground with a baton at a Civic Center protest on Tuesday will be investigated by Denver’s police monitor.

Thanks for turning my city into a fortress

Dear Protesters, Thanks for turning my city into a fortress with your overinflated turnout projections. I love to see cops with three-and-a-half foot nightsticks, riot helmets, and tear-gas launchers surrounding every building in site. It’s fantastic.

Read more of Jeff's commentaries: • 'Saturday Night Fever' at the DNC • C-SPAN tricks its rideI love me some Police State’n, yeah! Beware 'bomb-throwing Bolsheviks on bicycles'

Both Dem and GOP Conventions Spark First Amendment Concerns

The Democratic National Convention that is coming to Denver in August has already stirred criticisms pertaining to free-speech rights from activists who plan to...

Female Chief Plans County’s DNC Protest Response, 1200+ Arrests Anticipated

Marie Kielar was sworn in as the Denver Sheriff's Department's first female division chief in March, and she already has a lot on her...

Limbaugh Muses About DNC Race Riot, Local Radio Pimps Itself

While Rush Limbaugh backpedals and his "dittohead" fans defend the "White Christmas" parody musing about race riots during the Democratic National Convention, Denver conservative...

Attorneys Hold ‘Know Your Rights’ Training for Democratic Convention

Throughout the week attorneys will be conducting training to teach prospective demonstrators protesting at the Democratic National Convention in Denver how to react to...

Activists Take A Weekend To Strategize DNC Opposition

Community activists are planning to meet on the weekend before Martin Luther King Jr. Day to brainstorm a protest strategy for the Democratic...

Anti-war Activists To Protest Anti-war Party Convention

In January, ColoradoConfidential.com reported on a group of Colorado activists who laid claim to a variety of web sites related to the 2008 Democratic...
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