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Denver police ‘Beat the Crowds’ T-shirt no laughing matter, protesters charge

Protest groups are demanding Denver police halt the sale and disicpline anyone responsible for the creation of a "commemorative" DNC T-shirt distributed to officers featuring a baseball-bat wielding cop and the slogan "WE GET UP EARLY to BEAT the Crowds 2008 DNC."

Denver city government gushes over DNC police force

In the wake of the Democratic National Convention, Denver's elected officials have kvelled over the massive police presence at the DNC. Last week, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper delivered laurels to the city's police department for their efforts to quell some protest activities.

DNC protest groups to sue city of Denver, police officers

Re-create 68 protesters and other activists plan to file suit against the city of Denver and the Denver police department for violating their constitutional rights during the Democratic National Convention.

DNC protests fall flat

Late last year I had the horror of watching Chicago 10 at the Denver Film Festival. The movie combines animated sequences with archival footage of the 1968 riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and it scared the hell out of me — especially with this year’s most outspoken protest group calling themselves “Recreate ’68.” But then … not a whole lot happened here Denver last week. What gives?

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Latino activists at DNC renew call for immigration reform

On May Day in 2006, a human mass of white shirts stretched along downtown Denver's Speer Boulevard in one of the largest mobilizations in the city's history. An estimated 75,000 people boycotted work and school to march and protest against federal legislation that would have further criminalized undocumented immigrants in the Untied States. Millions of others rallied in more than 25 cities.

DNC Roundup: Corporate money, politics, protests, plots and more

As Denver sweeps up the last of the confetti, The Colorado Independent rewinds its coverage on the Democratic National Convention.

VIDEO: Images from the Iraq Veterans Against the War March

Iraq Veterans Against the War staged a protest march at the Democratic National Convention. Thousands of anti-war demonstrators were joined by members of the band Rage Against the Machine and concert-goers in a peaceful stroll from the Colorado Colosseum to the Pepsi Center. The veterans briefly blocked the delegates' entrance until an official with the Obama campaign agreed to meet with a leader of the group.

Greens meet greens to denounce ‘Denver’s dirtiest’

More than a hundred protesters from several different organizations took a polluter tour of downtown Denver yesterday, walking past Xcel Energy headquarters and other companies to decry "Denver's Dirtiest," the "polluters of global proportions bankrolling the DNC" as an event flier read.

Reporter advocates raise alarm over DNC police tactics

A group devoted to press freedom lodged a protest Wednesday over a USA Today video that shows police knocking a reporter to the ground as he videotaped law enforcement overpowering protesters in Denver.

Colorado National Guard locks down university

More than 400 soldiers with the Colorado Army National Guard are stationed at a private university campus in the Denver area until Aug. 31, and they apparently don't like photographers.
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