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Feminist Majority leader on why she’s cool with Obama, too

Senator Hillary Clinton called for party unity last night at the Democratic National Convention, and it looks like her high profile feminist supporters are ready to give it to her. Rather than feed into what Feministing.com deemed "the oppression Olympics" during the primary, feminist leaders recognize that both women and minorities have had it tough in America, and because of that both Clinton's and Obama's runs for the White House are equally historic.

DNC protesters use bullhorns to spread hate

It’s been a battle of the bullhorns this week in Denver. Protesters from all walks of life and all points of view are walking up and down 16th Street Mall making sure their message is heard by everyone within a two-block radius. From anti-war activists to the Official Street Preachers who spew hateful remarks about gay and lesbians, non-Christians, children, basically anyone who is not a born-again Jesus lover.

Obama called the Clintons

Barack Obama called Hillary Clinton last night from a campaign stop in Montana to thank her for her speech endorsing him, according to an Obama...

Hillary Clinton at the DNC: ‘Barack Obama is my candidate’

For all the hoopla about embittered New York Senator Hillary Clinton hijacking the Democratic National Convention, the erstwhile presidential candidate deferred to Barack Obama during her 25 minute speech at the Pepsi Center on Tuesday night. "Barack Obama is my candidate," said Clinton amid cheers. "And he must be our President."

As Clinton prepares to speak, reluctant supporters coalesce behind Obama

With Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention just hours away, many of the New York senator’s committed feminist supporters are softening toward the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket. While steadfast Clinton supporters are clamoring for her nomination on the floor of the convention tomorrow, there are indications that the disappointment and disillusionment of the past several months are slowly melting away as Clinton backers heed the call for party unity.

Food Not Bombs feeds DNC protesters

The Denver chapter of Food Not Bombs plans to feed as many as 2,000 people twice a day during the Democratic National Convention. The anti-war group set up camp yesterday morning near the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol during the Re-create 68 demonstration. Food Not Bombs volunteers provided free bagels, oatmeal and yogurt to activists.

Legal observers document strong police presence at DNC anti-war protest

Anti-war protesters at Monday's Re-create 68 rally produced a spectacle of orange and white peace flags, but the dozens of legal observers present kept their eyes on the less-colorful police. Volunteers with the People's Law Project, a group defending the rights of protesters, accompanied activists as they marched from the Colorado State Capitol to the Pepsi Center. Sporting bright green baseball caps, the legal observers shot photos of police and took notes on their interactions with the protesters; the information may be used in the case of a lawsuit.

Nancy Pelosi makes a pre-DNC pit stop

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be making a public appearance tonight in Denver before she hunkers down next week as the Democratic National Convention chair. After 20 years in Congress, Pelosi became the first female speaker last year.

Denver’s homeless motel guests increasing

It's a well-known fact that Denver's ramshackle motels host some of the city's most needy families. But just how many families live in temporary motel housing is impossible to say. During the summer months, the city typically doles out around 16 vouchers each day, which are redeemable at 16 motels. But the number of homeless families crashing along Colfax Avenue, Broadway and Colorado Boulevard is likely much higher. And it's a hard figure to pin down.

Re-Create 68 announces DNC lineup

The most dynamic part of Denver's Democratic National Convention next week may occur outside the Pepsi Center. The major protest group Re-create 68 announced its schedule of events this afternoon, and it's a doozy of a lineup. More than 50 speakers and musicians will round out logistical trainings for the activists.
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