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DOJ uses civil suits in attempt to shutter medical marijuana businesses...

The federal war on state-legalized medical marijuana took another harsh turn this week when it was revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice is using civil lawsuits in an effort to seize any properties being used in medical marijuana businesses in California.

Marijuana advocates protest outside Lakewood Obama office

A handful of marijuana reform advocates gathered on a sidewalk outside an Obama campaign office in Lakewood Thursday morning to draw attention to what they characterized as the Obama Administration's aggressive use of federal law to interfere with the rights of medical marijuana businesses and patients in Colorado and elsewhere.

DOJ: AZ Sheriff Arpaio has shown disregard for Constitution

A federal report released Thursday finds that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., an advocate for controversial immigration enforcement and detention measures, has committed a “wide range of civil rights violations.”

Obama medical marijuana policy moves from benign tolerance to vague menace

Would you like some irony with that baggie of medical marijuana? Well, like it or not, you're getting some. Medical marijuana has been legal for a decade or so in various U.S. states but it wasn't until the Ogden memo of 2009 that it really took off. Today, another memo from the same agency has marijuana providers and regulators looking over their shoulders.

Arizona sues DOJ over medical marijuana

As every state with legal medical marijuana on the books now seems to have a letter from a U.S. Attorney saying, 'not so fast', Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has taken the whole thing one step beyond by filing suit against the United States Department of Justice in the hope of getting a judicial ruling that clarifies whether Arizona has the right to implement its medical marijuana law.

Colorado CattleGrowers to DOJ, USDA: Release antitrust report

More than a year ago, the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Agriculture began an unprecedented joint journey into possible agricultural sector antitrust violations. The series of five public workshops ended in December 2010 but no findings have yet been released.

DOJ smack down of medical marijuana continues, raising questions in Colorado

Could Colorado State employees who work in the regulatory end of the medical marijuana business be prosecuted for their role in what the federal government increasingly seems to view as an illegal enterprise? According to Department of Justice attorneys in Washington State, it is not outside the realm of possibility.

More Federal Hate Mail?

If newly disclosed e-mails are any indication, employees at the US Justice Department appear to be very unhappy with the unholy bastion of liberalism...

Hate Mail From The Department Of Justice

What could it be, that would inspire a federal agent to rant against "liberal politcal spin" in an e-mail message sent from a...
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