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Nuclear Regulatory Commission claims Colorado botched licensing of uranium mill

Colorado officials failed to allow the public to properly vet a proposed uranium mill they licensed last year, U.S. regulators declared last week in a letter to an environmental group suing the state.

Tanker spills oil on Western Slope ahead of domestic energy jobs...

In a classic case of bad timing, the day before a Western Slope rally to call for more oil and gas jobs and fewer environmental regulations, a tanker truck carrying 10,000 gallons of crude oil crashed just north of Gateway, Colo., Monday, threatening to contaminate the Dolores River.

Uranium mining, milling in Colorado boil down to water quality concerns

Water issues continue to dog uranium mining and milling operations around the state, with regulators losing patience with one company on Colorado’s Front Range and Colorado River officials still raising objections to a proposed mill in Montrose County.

River stories float past environmental threat posed by energy production

A pair of articles on the future of two very different Colorado rivers this week in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel and the Denver...

Green groups battling uranium boom in SW Colorado laud district court...

A U.S. District Court judge late last week gave opponents of a looming uranium mining boom in Southwest Colorado some more fuel, if you...
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