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Stalking, sexual assault victims may be able to break rental agreements...

Women’s groups, advocates for the homeless and those who support victims of sexual assault or stalking are cheering a near-unanimous vote today on a...

Wiretap: House Republicans determined to keep losing and losing on gay...

How will they react to a rule set to come today from the labor department stating that any employee can take leave from work to care for a same-sex spouse no matter whether or not they "live in a state that recognizes their marital status"?

Chief of Denver’s jail under investigation for special treatment afforded criminally...

It’s unclear who was making decisions to treat Gillespie differently than the thousands of other arrestees the sheriff department deals with annually.

To care and be cared for

Despite not snagging as many headlines as last session’s civil unions and gun control measures, voices from all corners of the state have called the 2014 session a historically good one for women.

News Poem: ‘Citizen of violent territories’

The District Attorney doesn't know.

Gaspar case highlights complaints leveled at Ken Buck’s Weld County office

The plan aimed to encourage undocumented residents to help bolster public safety by reporting crimes. Critics now say the plan was either half hearted or mostly politics.

Overdue Indian crime bill passes without support of Colo. Republicans

A bill aimed mainly at bolstering American Indian law enforcement power to investigate rape and other crimes committed on tribal lands passed the U.S. House last week with overwhelming bipartisan support. Rights groups, who have watched similar efforts fail time and again, hailed the move as a major step in stemming the epidemic of violence that plagues Indian women in particular. Some House Republicans, however, including Colorado Reps Mike Coffman and Doug Lamborn objected to the bill, voting against it not based on its substance, which they agree addresses a serious problem, but because of the cursory way they say the Democrats pushed the bill through Congress.

High-profile cases looming, Beeson backs out of CD3 race against Salazar

What with actor Charlie Sheen allegedly going rogue on his wife on Christmas Eve in Aspen and an English poker player being extradited to...

House health care reform bill good news for women

The House health care bill(pdf) unveiled by Democrats this week would make the world of health insurance a whole lot better for women. “There’s so...

Non-Profit News: A Woman’s Place

Weld County covers a sprawling area with an estimated 178,000 people. But resources for victims of domestic violence are few, and that's part of...
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