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IUD funding slashed from state budget, House considers new approach

The bipartisan battle to secure $5 million to fund a Colorado program that offers teens long-acting reversible birth control hit another snag at the...

Scorecard singles out conservation heroes, villains in 2012 Colorado legislative session

The economy and the environment “both won” in Colorado's legislative session this year, according to an annual scorecard that a leading state environmental group released Thursday.

Bigfooting, boozing, tweeting: A progressive Colorado legislative scorecard

DENVER — Colorado's 2012 Legislature may not have achieved greatness. It may not have risen above partisan divide to solve complex problems and unify a state. It may not have addressed the state's economic malaise or found a way to reliably fund education for the long term.

Colorado civil unions shot dead in GOP-controlled special session committee

DENVER-- The gay-rights civil unions bill at the center of a special legislative session called by Gov. John Hickenlooper died as expected on a party line vote Monday in the Republican-controlled House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

More clean, more cash: Colorado lawmakers promote new electronics recycling initiative

Colorado lawmakers are searching everywhere for ways to create jobs, even now turning to landfills.

Biomass bill would battle beetle kill by creating new plan, working...

A bill to create a working group of Colorado forest health, environment and energy experts to draft a biomass plan for coping with the beetle-kill epidemic passed on third reading in the state Senate Monday and passed on second reading in the House on Tuesday.

Republicans introduce Republican safe districts while addressing rural concerns

House Republicans introduced their version of what could be the map of the political battlefield Tuesday. While Republicans called the map an olive branch extended to their Democratic colleagues,they actually carved out four of the seven districts to favor themselves.

Mad about Republican tweaking, Heath says Democrat map offers competition

The big fight over congressional redistricting entered center ring Thursday afternoon as Sen. Rollie Heath introduced SB 268 as the Democratic starting point for the state's new congressional district lines. The map mirrors a version first presented in the failed Joint Select Committee on Redistricting, which he co-chaired.

Dan Maes becomes factor in redistricting as talks stall

Republicans countered Democratic desires for drawing competitive districts Wednesday by refusing to use party registration as a factor in the Joint Select Committee on Redistricting's effort to draw Congressional lines. The move led to another stalemate between the parties, leaving no map drawn and an ever increasing chance that Colorado courts will again draw the Congressional districts.

Redistricting committee erupts in partisanship

Opening shots were fired Friday in what started as an attempt at bipartisan civility in charting the future of Colorado Congressional representation but ended in bipartisan name calling that did anything but create a basis for impartial redistricting discussions.
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