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Is the debate about Amendment V a debate about millennials themselves?

Coloradans are set to vote on Amendment V, which proposes that Colorado reduce the minimum age for running for the state Senate and House...

Littwin: The body slammer wins and now the question is whether...

The body slammer wins in Montana, meaning, apparently, we're either one step closer to the apocalypse or to political reporters adopting concussion protocols. Or...

Homebrew: Judge says Dexter Lewis sentencing “has nothing to do with...

Spot the difference Days after James Holmes was spared the death penalty, Denver jurors began hearing testimony Tuesday to decide whether convicted murderer Dexter Lewis should also be...

Wiretap: Obama in Selma, loving America

Ezra Klein writes in Vox that Barack Obama's speech in Selma was his eloquent answer to the question of what it means to love...

Littwin: Hick’s fiscal thicket fix-it sounds like crickets

I was on the edge of my seat for 40 minutes, which, let me tell you, is a long time to be on the...

How to talk — or not talk — about taxes

Here’s the thing: While taxes are a critical part of our work, we can’t talk about them. Not directly, at least, and certainly not in an election. I’ve learned to leave out the “t” word as much as possible.

Littwin: The bomb squad failed

Amendment 66 went down in humiliating flames. That's bad for Hickenlooper! But it's worse for education which, like everything else, will get less money. Hear that sound? The election is over but Doug Bruce's TABOR time bomb is still ticking.

Former Colorado Independent intern found dead in Mexico City

Armando Montaño, a former intern for the Colorado Independent, died this past weekend in Mexico City, where he was writing for the Associated Press. Mexican officials are investigating his death and, according to the AP, the U.S. embassy is monitoring that investigation.

Douglas Bruce hits the big time–arrest covered by NY Times

It wasn't bad enough that Douglas Bruce lost a bid to join the Colorado Springs City Council last week. It still wasn't bad enough when he was arrested Friday for tax evasion.

Carroll-Court ballot initiative transparency bill sails through House and Senate

State Senator Morgan Carroll and Representative Lois Court's ballot-initiative transparency bill, HB 1035, passed Monday unanimously out of the Senate and with a wide majority in the House. The deep support for the bill is notably rare when it comes to legislation that seeks to tweak Colorado's ballot initiative process, an intentionally loose process loved by citizens and special interests alike.
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